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  • Struggles, Successes, Failures
    On the morning of 15 April 2009, students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Filozofski fakultet) in Zagreb interrupted classes to declare a blockade (blokada) of the premises. What began as just another student strike against the rampant commercialisation of higher education would become the day the Left was born—or rather re-born—in the post-socialist Balkans.
    • Austerity Measures and Gender Equality in Slovenia
      The study »The Legacy of Socialism after Neoliberal Crisis: Austerity Measures and Gender Equality in Slovenia« is a reflection on and an analysis of the consequences austerity measures had for the lives of women and for gender equality in Slovenia after the economic crises in 2008.
      • 17.09.2020.
        The symposium on thinking the future from a labor perspective «Precarious in capitalist culture – Should we continue living like this?» curated by Ivana Vaseva, and organized by Faculty of things that can’t be learned (FR~U), North Macedonia in partnership with Lokomotiva - Centre for New...
      • 16.06.2020.
        Interactive Webinar
        Connecting resistances
        Routes of Solidarity. The EUropean border regime, the Balkans & connecting resistances Interactive webinar Monday, 22 June 6-8pm CET (7-9pm Greece) 2020. With inputs by Nidžara Ahmetašević, independent researcher and journalist / BiH, Andrej Kurnik, University of Ljubljana /...
        Tags: Migracija
      • Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Border Regime
        Examining migration movements, policies, public discourses and struggles in the Balkans between the summer of migration in 2015 and the pandemic crisis in 2020, this study provides an analysis of the impact of the EUropean border and migration regime in the region, which has become a buffer zone for people on the move.
        • Three essays on Rosa Luxemburg
          Ankica Čakardić’s monograph Like a Clap of Thunder is an extremely valuable, powerful and above all inspiring triptych of sharp and energetic philosophical-political essays on Rosa Luxemburg
          • by Ana Veselinović
            Contrary to the overall atmosphere during the election campaign, which many have characterised as anemic, impotent and utterly boring, the participation in this year´s elections increased almost by 5% and reached nearly 30% of the electorate (in 2014: 25,24%, 2013: 20,83%).
          • by Luka Matić
            On Sunday, 26th of May, Slovenia voted for its MEPs for the fourth time since they became the first former Yugoslav Republic to join the EU on 1st of May 2004. At the same time, this is the second time that a contestant in the elections was a party which is a member of the Party of the...
          • Author: András Juhász
            The April 2018 parliamentary elections in Hungary resulted in a landslide victory for Fidesz and its junior coalition partner KDNP The national-conservative coalition, in power since 2010, had won its third supermajority in a row – two-thirds of all seats in parliament. In July of the same year, Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, held a speech in...
            • Challenges and hopes during political reconstruction
              The collapse of the socialist bloc during the early 1990s not only wiped entire political systems off the map. The organizational structures, the cultural traditions of the socialist and communist labour movement, the concept of solidarity, the socialist project and its conceptions of society were all exposed to a process of decline that only gradually slowed and finally came to a halt in the early 21st century.