Belgrade, 13 July 2021


Website-Relaunch for the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Belgrade Office:

About us

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) is an internationally operating, public funded, non-profit institution for political education. RLS is committed to work within the traditions of the global workers, women, anti-fascist and anti-war movements and advocates the ideas of Democratic Socialism. Active since 1990, RLS has been dedicated to the critical analysis of social and political processes worldwide. In cooperation with partner organizations, RLS is conducting programs for political education and provides scientific research. It supports the development of political, economic and socio-ecological alternatives to neoliberal capitalism.


The intention of a new website is to present the work (texts, announcements and publications) of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Belgrade to the website visitors in a timely and adequate way. The focus is on the presentation of our ongoing educational events and publications as well as our wide-ranging publication activities, for which we expect a user friendly and minimalist presentation format compatible with the social media content sharing.
The most of the existing content on the old website will be archived, while the important components such as the publications (including each description of the publications and PDF files) should be transferred to the new site, redesigned and made available to the visitors of the website via user and search friendly (tags) library. Another important characteristic of the new website should be full compatibility with the current social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) in order to ensure the up-to-date distribution and sharing of the content.
Technical requirements

1) Creation and design of a CMS (WordPress or similar) that is compatible with social media networks, easy to read and display on mobile phones;
2) Easy upload of new content (including attachment upload of files such as PDF, PUB, DOC) and modification of existing content;
3) Easy access to CMS (WordPress or similar) data and its editing, without complicated root structure;
4.) Secure upload of images (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF), PDFs and other file types;
5.) The website must be able to adapt easily and quickly to the end devices (monitors, mobile phones, tablets, etc).
Visual design of the website

The visual identity of the page should be in harmony with the structure of the page. Likewise, the color guidelines defined in the document "RLS Corporate Design", which are made available by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation to any interested provider, should be observed. The following websites could be instructive for the new visual design of the website: 
All the specified pages contain elements that seem attractive for the new website of the Belgrade office and should find their way into the new website in consultation with the programmer and designer.
Structure of the website

The website should be linguistically divided into two sections - ENGLISH and ALL.
The main menu of the page shall include: About the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (which includes: About Rosa Luxemburg, Contact and Partner Organisations) Information / Publications / News. The search of content will be based on tags.

Price (50%)
Conceptual idea and design (30%)
Time-frame (15%)
Experience with working with clients in non-profit and publishing sector (5%).
Deadline for Applications

3 September 2021. Please send us your application via email to, & All bidders will be informed by 10 September, latest.