• 30.06.
  • The proverbial prestige of artists and cultural workers skilfully conceals the nature of work in this field, dominated by unrecognized and unpaid work. Where, until recently, there were stable jobs, atypical forms of work prevail today, and with them a growing reserve army of cheap labor. A neoliberal invention, 'project culture' - quite contrary to the discourse in which it proclaims 'democratization' and 'decentralization' - has profoundly transformed the role of art and culture in society.
  • 22.06.
  • Interactive Webinar
    Routes of Solidarity. The EUropean border regime, the Balkans & connecting resistances Interactive webinar Monday, 22 June 6-8pm CET (7-9pm Greece) 2020. With inputs by Nidžara Ahmetašević, independent researcher and journalist / BiH, Andrej Kurnik, University of Ljubljana /...
    Tags: Migracija
  • 18.05.
  • What is to be Done?
    The workshop series »Housing - right or commodity. What is to be done?« continues with a second discussion tackling the privatization process and the manner in which the property transfer led to the commodification of housing. We aim to discuss the privatization of economic units and of...
  • 16.03.
  • Right or Commodity. What is To Be Done?
    Under the title »Housing - right or commodity. What is to be done?«, the series of four workshops problematizes the transformation of the political economy of housing for the past two decades. Processes as privatization, gentrification and financialization have led to the...
  • 17.10.
  • Hatzova 16, Zagreb, Croatia
    Few concepts developed by Marx and the many theoretical and political currents claiming continuity with his critical project can rival ‘class’ in their distinctive association with Marxism in all its contested plurality. Yet, the widespread consensus on the centrality of the concept for...