• Author: Nikola Kovačević
    The guidelines aim to improve documenting of and reporting on harmful border practices and human rights violations committed at the border between Serbia and Croatia.
  • Autor: Igor Štiks
    U Aktivističkoj estetici Igor Štiks analizira performanse, predstave, simbole, filmove, tekstove, murale, instalacije, javna okupljanja i akcije vezane uz ideale i borbe nove postjugoslovenske levice.
  • Authors: Igor Štiks/Krunoslav Stojaković
    On the morning of 15 April 2009, students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Filozofski fakultet) in Zagreb interrupted classes to declare a blockade (blokada) of the premises. What began as just another student strike against the rampant commercialisation of higher education would become the day the Left was born—or rather re-born—in the post-socialist Balkans.